Duran Duran Appreciation Day

Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran Portrait Drawing, Pastel Pencil by Tracy Anderson

Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran Portrait Drawing, Pastel Pencil by Tracy Anderson

Did you know that August 10 is Duran Duran Appreciation Day?!

I didn’t until Twitter told me so a couple of days ago…

Apparently, a Michigan radio DJ established the day several years ago and now it is celebrated by fans around the world. The band are aware of the day (it was their tweet that shed the light for me) and reciprocate the appreciation to their fans (they’ve shared video and audio of performances and posted videos thanking fans, etc).

Basically, one just needs to listen to Duran Duran music to join the celebrations on the day. However, there have been fan gatherings and Twitter trivia games. Activities can be shared using the hashtag #DuranDuranAppreciationDay 

(Edit: see, how serendipitous is this? No sooner did I post my blog then I see a FB post for an awesome event for this year’s DDAD – a twitter video Party:  and another hashtag #DDAD17)

Considering I really haven’t stopped listening to them since seeing them in concert on July 10, I will definitely be appreciating Duran Duran on August 10.  So inspired by their concert was I, that I went out and bought their latest album Paper Gods. Loved it so much I then bought two other DD albums (Thank You and All You Need is Now) to beef up my playlist. (I told you – I obsess after concerts 😀 … I like to think of it as being deeply moved and or connected by the music and seeking ways to continue that high – but fine, we can call it obsession..)

So, in appreciation of my renewed appreciation of this band, and to celebrate Duran Duran Appreciation Day, here is a drawing of SLB and my top ten surprises from these 3 new to me albums:

  1. I absolutely love the Paper Gods album – like can’t get enough of it, love it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the songs from this album that they played in concert (Paper Gods, Last Night in the City, What are the Chances and Pressure Off, so I knew I’d love the album, but I was not expecting to love it as much as I do. Love the dance vibe.  Love the lyrics. Love the arrangements/production etc. Love Simon’s voice.  Just love, love, love…
  2. What Are The Chances from Paper Gods… This is now my all-time favorite Duran song… I love the concept of the lyrics, love the harmonies, the guitar, the heartbeat of the chorus, the power of the chorus, the emotions… But I die for the oh ho ohs.
  3. Danceophobia (Paper Gods) – I can’t not move during this song. Such a catchy beat! So groovy. My second favorite song on this album. I love it. (I need another word for love… I adore it, I am crazy about it.) It’s just so awesome! And I don’t know who the girl is (the Doctor) in it but she kind of sounds like Scarlett Johansson…
  4. You Kill Me With Silence (Paper Gods) – seriously, this album is just sooo freaking good!
  5. I only just this second learned that Thank You is a covers album! LOL. I knew I recognized Lay Lady Lay, I Want to Take You Higher, and Perfect Day, but didn’t realise they were remakes. I thought maybe I just recognized them from when the album was released… And I had NO clue the rest of the songs are also covers (the downside to buying digital copies vs hard copies – digital doesn’t always come with info booklets to tell you this stuff!
  6. There is fun on this album: I Want to Take You Higher (original by Sly and the Family Stone) – Boom-shock-a-lock-a, Boom-shock-a-lock-a…; White Lines – (original by Grandmaster Flash) – the guitar riff is marvellous. The rang diggy dang di dang makes me happy….
  7. I feel the Thank You album is greatly under-appreciated. Apparently the critics didn’t like it, and it was even listed as the worst album of all time by Q Magazine in 2006. I don’t get that – worst ever??? How is that possible??? I, for one, am quite enjoying it. I admire the premise of the album – Duran Duran thanking the artists that influenced/inspired them by covering their works.  The theme of appreciation continues 😀 I also am loving hearing them take on different styles of music – The Doors, The Temptations, Grandmaster Flash, Iggy Pop and more. And I am happy to read (in the above-linked Wiki) that some of the artists they covered also appreciated the re-makes:  Lou Reed has said DD’s cover of Perfect Day is the best cover of one of his songs ( I particularly love the delivery of “You’re going to reap what you sow…” Chills); Bob Dylan said their version of Lay Lady Lay is “the best yet. It beats mine by a country mile;” and Jimmy Page called their re-make of Led Zepplin’s Thank You “exceptional.” So there! Take that, Critics! My favorites – Lay Lady Lay, White Lines, and Success.
  8. The Man Who Stole a Leopard (All You Need is Now Album) – Violins.  There are violins.  VIOLINS!
  9. Before the Rain (All You Need is Now) – Simon’s voice.  The unusual off-balance of the experimental, strange, instrumentation as quieter background for the strong, simple, beautiful melody of the words / Simon’s voice.
  10. Mediterranea (All You Need is Now) – The opening lyrics are pretty much my life in Edmonton 😀 :
    Across the sky, A jet trail following
    The wish that I was on the plane
    On my way to some out destination

    Maybe it’s the rain of town
    One you wanted to leave behind
    When the winter’s on the ground

Soooo…. I just bought Seven and the Ragged Tiger on vinyl….  I may have a problem…  Are there any Duran Duran Appreciation Support Groups out there??

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  1. I just found your web page. I never knew there were other fans out there as obsessive as I!! Totally agree with you on the Thank You album. It is excellent and I particularly love their take on the Doors Crystal Ship. I think it’s better than the original….dare I say?? Love your description of the albums and songs. I own every Duran Duran album. If you don’t own Red Carpet Massacre, you absolutely should give it a try next. Another very underrated album that even the fans did not appreciate. It has excellent song writing and melodies. I feel a lot of the fans just weren’t prepared for the production from Timbaland and Timberlake. I happen to love it.


    • Oh man, so obsessive 🙂 Thanks for the kind words! Since writing this post I’ve bought a number of other DD albums, slowly trying to get them all. But I didn’t have Red Carpet Massacre yet – so I just bought it on your suggestion – I’m 3 songs in and I love it! Thanks for that!!


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