This journey/journal is about my love affair with music, the artists I love and respect (my Rock Gods), and my experiences as a fangirl. Its about the concerts I see, the collecting, the communities, and the pure joy I get from these worlds, and, really, any other fangirl thing that moves me to write.

A fair warning that I am using the term “Rock God” throughout this blog simply and purely to mean any musician who touches my soul in some way through their music and musician lives with the depth deserving of the term. Usually this is due at the very least to the level of passion and talent they ooze. But often my Rock Gods also have that gravity that just pulls. me. in.

I have no other rules for my definition. Ironically, there is no rock genre requirement – genres are so blurred these days anyways – my Rock Gods are rock, pop, alternative, world music, etc, etc. There is definitely no successful career bar to reach in my definition either – U2 are absolutely my Rock Gods and they have the career to be called such, but some of my other Rock Gods are perhaps less famous, perhaps just starting out, etc and they still touch my soul in a way deserving of the term Rock God.

I also love to draw and paint and my favourite subjects are my Rock Gods, so this blog will also see some artwork.

And that’s all I have to say about that 🙂

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