45 years, people! 45 years, U2 have been together, no changes in line up, no break ups / bringing the band back together for a reunion tour/album. Just four guys, three chords, and the truth. (Ok, so I don’t actually know – do U2 use more than three chords? Sorry, I’m not musical, but the line worked :D)

Yep, it’s that time again. September 25, 2021 marks forty-five years of U2 and the fifth annual #InternationalDayOfU2 !

Forty-five years is momentous. Forty-five years in any career is worth celebrating. Forty-five years of a band who left an indelible mark on music, who changed the landscape of touring, who changed the world, and changed the world in us, deserves, no, DEMANDS, festivity on the grandest scale.

So let’s do this.  Same drill, different year.  On September 25, raise the roof, ring the joy, celebrate the magnificence of this band.  (But, once again, please do so safely, and within your area’s COVID health directives and laws.)

As always, there are really only two rules:

  • Do anything U2-ey on September 25 to show your love for and to celebrate this amazing band and all they have given to us over the years; and
  • Post pictures and updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. of whatever you do using the hashtags #InternationalDayOfU2 and #U2Day21. 

Need some ideas?  Here are a few:

  • Listen to, watch, and/or play U2 music / films throughout the day, all day;
  • Host a Twitter watch party of your favourite tour dvd or music videos! (The #U2getherathome watch parties last year were sooo much fun!)
  • Wear your U2, whatever that might be (t-shirts, jewelry, nail decals, etc etc.) (If you wear a U2 shirt as part of your U2 day celebrations, add the hashtag #U2T0925 for U2 World Shirt Day.)
  • Post a statement / paragraph / thesis on what this band means to you;
  • Share your art / craft work, of or inspired by U2;
  • Bake a U2 cake…
  • Volunteer at your favourite charity / make a donation / change the world somehow in the name of U2 (check my post on U2-related organizations for links to donation and take action pages).
  • Contact your radio stations and ask them to announce the day and play a few songs in a row or feature U2 on whichever relevant program they might have.

Head over to my U2 Day Events page for a listing of any happenings around the world that I hear about that are associated (loosely or on purpose) to the International Day of U2. (And if you know of any, let me know and I will post them for others to find.)

Need more ideas?  Check out my post from 2017 on the many reasons I love U2  – (these were thoughts, music and photos I posted throughout the day in celebration) and search the hashtags #U2Day17, #U2Day2018, #U2Day19, #U2Day20 and #InternationalDayOfU2 on social media to see what fans did in previous years.

Why September 25? Check out my original post proposing the Day.

Please share this post to spread the word!

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  1. 45 years is momentous! I know you will do lots to celebrate your U2 love!

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