U2 Day 2020

It’s that time again. The fourth annual #InternationalDayOfU2 takes place on September 25, 2020!

Part of me is like “what!? How is it almost September!?!?” The other part is “Yep, ok, five years have passed since March 2020.” And I don’t know about you, but I could use some happy celebration times, I could use some U2-ey-goodness and #U2Family quality time.

So let’s do this.  You know the drill.  On September 25, raise the roof, ring the joy, celebrate the magnificence of this band.  Let’s kick 2020 in the ass with some serious U2 merriment (only safely, and within your area’s COVID health directives and laws)!  Sure, there might not be your typical concerts, maybe we can’t meet in pubs in some places, maybe we need to physically distance and wear masks, and maybe some of us are in self-isolation.  But we can still love the crap out of U2 together (online or 6 feet / 2 meters apart).

In fact, this year for #U2Day20, we are going to carry on the tradition @madfl3a (Jo D. of www.u2andcoffee.com) started with the #U2getherAtHome Twitter Watch Parties:

You are cordially invited to attend a Twitter Watch Party for #RattleAndHum on Friday, September 25, 2020 at 4pm PST.

#U2Day20 Rattle and Hum Twitter Watch Party Timezones

Just as with Jo’s #U2getherAtHome concert series, load up your dvds, blu-ray, VHS (What? Some of us are 80s kids!!) and we’ll all aim to press play at (roughly) the same time. Then tweet to your heart’s content while we watch, using the hashtags #U2Day20, #InternationalDayOfU2, and #U2getherAtHome.


Don’t forget you can participate in #U2Day20 in a myriad of other ways.  There are really only two rules:

  • Do anything U2-ey on September 25 to show your love for and to celebrate this amazing band and all they have given to us over the years; and
  • Post pictures and updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. of whatever you do using the hashtags #InternationalDayOfU2 and #U2Day20. 

Need some ideas?  Here are a few:

  • Listen to, watch, and/or play U2 music / films throughout the day, all day;
  • Wear your U2, whatever that might be (t-shirts, jewelry, nail decals, etc etc.) (If you wear a U2 shirt as part of your U2 day celebrations, add the hashtag #U2T0925 for U2 World Shirt Day.)
  • Post a statement / paragraph / thesis on what this band means to you;
  • Share your art / craft work, of or inspired by U2;
  • Bake a U2 cake…
  • Volunteer at your favourite charity / make a donation / change the world somehow in the name of U2 (check my post on U2-related organizations for links to donation and take action pages).
  • Contact your radio stations and ask them to announce the day and play a few songs in a row or feature U2 on whichever relevant program they might have.
  • Feel free to host another Twitter watch party! (I know the 4pm PST time for #RattleAndHum will not be convenient for a lot of fans, especially those in the wee hours – if you want to host another one at a different time, let me know and I’ll post the info here.)

Need more ideas?  Check out my post from 2017 on the many reasons I love U2  – (these were thoughts, music and photos I posted throughout the day in celebration) and search the hashtags #U2Day17, #U2Day2018, #U2Day19, and #InternationalDayOfU2 on social media to see what fans did.

I’ve also created a FaceBook Event for #U2Day20 so you can have a reminder and connect with other fans who are joining in the fun.

Why September 25? Check out my original post proposing the Day.

Please share this post to spread the word!

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