Loving Bono: 60 Reasons For Bono’s 60th Birthday

It’s Bono’s 60th birthday today, he has given me the world through his music and activism, so I thought I’d give him a list…  In no particular order, 60 reasons why I love Bono, 60 for 60.

  1. It’s right there in my intro, Bono inspires me. To be creative, to love, to laugh, to cry, to be a better human, to reach for the stars.

    bono in flowers GISH 2018

    This was a GISH challenge I did in 2018 – do a portrait of someone who inspires you, using only flower petals. Who else would I choose but BONO?

  2. He and U2 are the soundtrack to my life.
  3. He has, without a doubt, altered the course of my life on more than one occasion.  I have my own moral compass, my own logic, my own heart, and my own brain, and I use them, but I frequently ask WWBD (what would Bono do)?  My path is my own, but he has been, not just the soundtrack to my life, but a trusted advisor and mentor, leading by example.
  4. Bad. It just started playing on my U2 playlist.  This song.  I’ve written about this song many times in this blog (like here and here), but I will never have the words to fully express just how much this song truly moves me.
  5. In times of strife, Bono is there (often with the rest of U2), somehow, heart wide open, arms wide open.  He is comfort.  I’m thinking of the U2 Super Bowl Halftime show and their amazing tribute to those fallen during the September 11 attacks.
  6. He wrote a song about COVID.  And then the world took it on.
  7. He sent Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal a phone after the Paris attacks in 2015 (Jesse’s band was playing at one of the venues bombed), with a note saying “Call your mom.”  And then Bono called Jesse, and talked about Jesse’s experience in Paris (Bono and U2 were also in Paris that day, November 13, preparing for their two concerts on the 14th and 15th.)  And how U2 invited the Eagles of Death Metal to join them on U2’s stage in Paris a month later for a song before giving them their stage and their audience entirely.
  8. Bono is wise and full of heart. His words at that Paris concert are the epitome of why I love Bono:  “We stand together with the families who have lost lives here in Paris, San Bernardino, in Damascus and Beirut.  We stand together with the families whose children have been taken hostage by an ideology that shows none of the mercy or compassion of the god they deem to serve.”  This is so true, and so Bono.  But he carries on, and this is where I love him even more, to say:  “We must also think of the terrorists’ families … I know it is hard right now.”  He says these families have also lost their loved ones.  This is so powerful and so true for me.  We can be quick to demonize terrorists and mass shooters, etc.  But we cannot forget they are human and they have loved ones who are hurting too.  Violence traumatizes so many.
  9. One. This song summarizes #8 and Bono’s modus operandi: “We are one, but not the same.  We get to carry each other.”  Seeing this song live at a U2 concert, is seeing the full power of this song; 80,000 people singing it together, for U2, by ourselves…
  10. Bono is frickin hilarious!
  11. His voice.  His voice.  His voice.
  12. The way he talks about, looks at, writes songs about his wife Ali = relationship goals. (They were high school sweethearts, married in 1982, still married, and he still devotes sections of concerts to talk to her, even if she isn’t in the room.)
  13. His creation of and work with One to reduce extreme poverty and preventable disease and with Red to prevent and treat AIDS.
  14. He and the rest of U2 recently spent 10 million Euro to buy and transport PPE masks and surgical gowns to Ireland in response to COVID-19.
  15. He defines the word ‘loyal.’  Not only is he still married to his high school sweetheart, he has been best friends with Guggi since they were 4!  And of course friendship and loyalty to the boys of U2 for 40 plus years.
  16. With or Without You.  Bad may be my favourite song of U2’s, but this song is actual perfection.
  17. He owns this look. bono punk
  18. He writes poetry.  (As the lyricist of the band, this does not come as a surprise, but still, he writes poetry…)
  19. He draws amazing stylistic artwork!
  20. He wrote some of the most beautiful, visual, figurative lyrics ever, about a hangover. (Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World)
  21. He loves bees.
  22. Bubblepants….
  23. He is soooo frickin adorable!
  24. When I am sad, or having a bad day, or year, I just start this song, and all is right with the world.
  25. One word: MacPhisto
  26. Two words: The Fly
  27. He is bloody intelligent. The brain on this guy is so sexy!  He doesn’t just decide a topic is important and add it to his list of campaigns.  He learns it.  He learns the science.  He finds the experts to teach him.  He could have 20 PhDs in all the stuff he knows.
  28. And then he shares his knowledge, his passion, and ACTs on it.
  29. His treatment of and advocacy of women. His ‘poverty is sexist’ campaign resulted in Glamour magazine naming him, controversially, Woman of the Year.
  30. He has also been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize a few times.
  31. Bono taught me glasses are HOT! bono glasses
  32. Bono, through my love for him and U2, has given me a family, the U2 Family.  A tribe that shares this love.  Friends for life, in whom I recognize a similar passion, not just for Bono and U2, not just for the music, but also political views, save the world activism, compassion for humanity, and so much more. But, we are one, but not the same.  Bono’s also given me family with differing opinions from whom I can learn and grow.
  33. Bono taught me we don’t all have to have the same views to get along or to change the world.  He taught me even when we are vastly opposed on issues we can still “find common ground so we can reach for higher grounds.”
  34. The way he treats us fans in general.  The openness, the posts on social media, the comments that we are the U2 family, thanking us for giving him and U2 this incredible life.
  35. The way he treats us fans in person.  I’ve written before about meeting Bono in meet and greets outside of the concert venues.  That he and the other boys even come out to say hi is amazing, but Bono really is that magnanimous, charming soul that instantly makes you feel at ease and like you are the only person in the room, even when there are hundreds or thousands.
  36. He makes time stand still.  A 4 second hello feels like the warmest eternity.

    meeting Bono in Australia 2019

    That’s my hand and face after meeting this beautiful face! Sydney 2019

  37. I’ve learned about poverty, AIDS, conflict, peace processes, and so much more from Bono.
  38. He wrote a song for Ali when he forgot her birthday (The Sweetest Thing).
  39. He and U2 are not afraid to experiment.  They are constantly evolving.
  40. Maybe he is afraid of failing, I’m not sure, but even if he is, doesn’t let that fear stop him from trying. (Sometimes, anyways.  I’m sure he has his days.) #StrongerThanFear
  41. He says he ‘knows that he can’t dance,” but he can.  And even if he couldn’t, he does anyways.
  42. He even pole dances. (Thank you, Morleigh! Thank you!)

    Bono aka The Shadow Man U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Sydney Nov 22 2019

    Bono aka The Shadow Man U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Sydney Nov 22 2019

  43. He is deeply familiar with the hole that losing parents leaves in your very core. He uses that loss to create.
  44. Bono is not afraid to mock the absurdity of fame, and when he does, he does it with style.  (See #25 and 26.)
  45. Bono taught me that sometimes bad things happen, but you get up and keep living. Sometimes your body betrays you, but you get up, you find and reach for the light (but not THAT light… :D).  By doing so, sometimes, you just might bring the light to others.
  46. Stay, Far Away So Close.
  47. Again with the life lessons:
  48. Stadium Anthems.
  49. He feels soooo much.  His first trip to Africa after Live Aid changed the course of his life because of his experience there.
  50. I’ve said before that I would travel anyways because that’s who I am, but Bono and U2 have taken me to far off places and shown me things I’ve never seen before, both through their music and travels, and my own travels to see them.
  51. Bono is a fanboy who makes his own lists.  He just posted the 60 songs that have saved his life in some way.
  52. He loves Billie Eilish.  She’s on his list!
  53. Bono shows me what masculinity should be.  He grew up in a time and place, like many, where men were supposed to be ‘men.’  Don’t show emotion, don’t show vulnerability, and for the love of all that is manly DO NOT, DO NOT, show open affection for other men.  But Bono does all of this.  He loves openly.  He treats women with respect.  He opens his heart and bleeds deeply through his songs and words.  He lays all his grief, anger, love, passion, worry, and hope bare for all to see.
  54. And he bromances his bandmates and friends with all abandon. He shows his affection for them through hugs, kisses.  Something men even to this day do not often do for fear of being thought gay or effeminate.  As a woman who also grew up with these absurd ideas of masculinity, and what to expect from a male partner, and how men should behave in the world, Bono shows me otherwise.  He shows me what I’ve always believed true masculinity could be.  A world where men are emotional and love and hurt.  He shows me the strength of men by being open to emotion.  He shows me how both women and men can thrive when toxic masculinity is not present.

    adam bono I&E Belfast 2015

    Adam and Bono I&E Belfast 2015

  55. By being emotional, Bono reminds me that it is ok to have my own emotions.  To own those emotions.  To live them, even the unhappy ones, even the anxiety.
  56. He is not perfect (lest this list makes you think I think he is…).  He is human, he errs.  And I love him for that too.
  57. Mysterious Ways.
  58. Technicolor Bono and all that is Pop.
  59. I know what joy is because I love Bono.  There are many things that bring me joy in this world, but nothing lights my face up like the thought of him and U2.  Thinking of their music, thinking of going to see them live, the joy of waiting in line for GA, the roar of joy and adrenaline from thousands of people when the lights go down, bouncing at the opening notes of Streets.  The joy of seeing my friends in that line or across the stage, of making plans and meeting up with them before and after shows.  There is no joy like loving Bono and U2.
  60. I know what love is because I love Bono and this band. I know what friendship looks like and what it feels like.  I know the love of music and of helping make the world a better place.
  61. I know I said 60 things, but he deserves one more.  I love Bono because he is Bono.  Pure and simple.


Happy Birthday, Bono!

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