So Much Love: Depeche Mode’s Global Spirit Tour in Edmonton

This post is a little different then normal… Rather than blog about the Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour here on my own blog, I had the opportunity to guest blog on Almost Predictable. Almost – A blog on Depeche Mode, Scotland’s music scene and more. The owner of this blog had the crazy and wonderful idea of capturing a review of every single show on the tour on his blog and sent a call out for people attending shows to send him their reviews for his Global Spirit Tour Project.  I, of course, quickly volunteered to be the guest blogger for the Edmonton show and had such a blast writing this piece.

So without further adieu, please go here to read my ramblings on what was one of the craziest, U2 in Dublin level energy, concerts I have ever been to.   While you are there, take a gander at the rest of this blog – it’s pretty awesome.

As with some of my other blog posts, I’ve included artwork and a number of photos I took that night.  And you can go here for the rest of the photos from the Global Spirit Tour that I couldn’t fit in the article.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out!  The colors (other than the black and white photos) are all from the concert lighting, no filters were used!

Let me know what you think!

11 thoughts on “So Much Love: Depeche Mode’s Global Spirit Tour in Edmonton Leave a comment

  1. What a wonderful review! I was also at the concert that night and I was in the upperbowl at the opposite end so sadly missed seeing the band close up – but the did show them on the screen not all throughout the show. I hope that you won’t mind me reblogging your post?

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    1. Thank you! This is exactly why I love going to more than one show for tours like this- my view was amazing for close up and actually seeing the band but I completely missed the impact of the screen and light show, whereas you had the opposite effect 😀 not to mention multiple shows mean multiple nights of pure joy and amazing music 😀 and I never mind reblogs, in fact I love them, so thanks so much for the reblog!

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