One Night With You: Michael Bublé in Concert

As I’m writing this post, I have Michael Bublé playing on Spotify.

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

It’s a thing I tend to do after a concert that moved me – play that artist’s music continuously afterwards to connect again with the magical-ness of the concert, to soak in more of the music I love, the music the concert reminded me how much I love.

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

If I haven’t listened to that music in a while (you know, because certain people who are named Harry Styles swoop in with a new album that spurs a whole new musical obsession and take up all my music-listening time), a concert is like a reunion for me, an in your face, live music (i.e way better sound than my google assistant can offer), reconvening – hello, you love me, you really, really love me and should play me forever – reunion between me and music.

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

Bublé’s music is a staple in my playlist but it has been awhile – seeing him live last week at Roger’s Place in Edmonton reawakened that love, hence listening to him now as I prepare these photos I took that night and as I write these words.

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

But. as it turns out, Michael Bublé music may not actually be a great idea for writing a blog background music… Much like at his concert, I keep getting caught up in the wow of his voice, stopping everything and just listening. Which means words are not being written!

It’s just soooooo goooooddddddd!!!! That voice, this music!

Just wow, Michael Bublé, wow! Those notes!

Wow, wow, wow! Hmm…, well, maybe I can just end the post here, because ‘wow’ really does sum up the experience of Bublé in concert…

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

No? Ok, well, wow – that voice, first of all. That voice. Seriously, what an amazing, beautiful, smooth voice. This must be what velvet sounds like. So rich and creamy… Just wow.

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

Even if you are not a fan of this style of music – this crooner-y, big band-y, type music, you can not deny this voice is, well, phenomenal. The power, the depth… And in concert, live… I’ll say it again – just wow! This was never more obvious for me than during one of my favourite moments of the concert – during the section of Elvis songs. It began with Fever, which is probably my all-time favourite remake by Bublé.

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

Michael started the song on the main stage and made his way down the runway, finishing it on the B-stage, which was closer to where we were. He strapped on a guitar (what?!? I didn’t know me plays guitar!), says we are gonna get this party started, has us all curl our lips à la Elvis and say “Uh Huh”…

Then strums that guitar once, and breaks out into this in-cred-i-ble, pure, silky, booming note: “Oonnnneeeeeee!” and I instantly turned my head to my friend and went “WOWWWWWWW!!!!,” jaw dropping to the floor.

It was beautiful. It was One Night With You (seen in this YouTube at about the 2.50 mark). That voice!

He continued that set with All Shook Up and Can’t Help Falling in Love and I’m thinking to myself how much my mom, who was a big Elvis fan, would have loved this. And the rest of the time I was thinking my dad, who loved big band, would have loved this night too.

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

Yes, that voice. That voice is reason enough to go see Michael Bublé live and to listen to him on Spotify (or CD, album, 8-track – any format).

But also, a Bublé concert is a Bublé comedy night. Just, wow! This man is freaking hilarious, he had the arena in stitches throughout the show. (If you don’t follow him on Tik Tok, you should. You can thank me for the rec later.)

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

He truly is the ultimate performer. Not one to just sing the whole concert through, he engages the crowd (literally walking on the floor between the stage and rail) greeting fans…

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

… signing arms laden with Bublé’s corn-eating face (yes… that really happened that night), telling stories and making us laugh (and cry).

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022

And then there was the moment when this Burnaby, BC – born Vancouver Canucks fan (me too, Michael Bublé, me too…) dons an Edmonton Oilers jersey with a look of playful regret, like he’s betraying his team by doing so.

I’d be remiss to not mention the super cool stage, with, yes, that big band orchestra (I think Michael said the string section were all from Alberta), and amazing lighting. Not to mention the stellar screen with befitting imagery, like the L-O-V-E that popped up in time with the “L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see, V is very, very extraordinary, E is even more than anyone that you adore” lyrics as the big band and Michael did the hand gestures 😀

And the confetti…

There is a reason Michael Bublé remains forever on my Top 15 Canadian Rock Gods list. And barring any pandemics or other global disasters, I will always go see him live. You should too!

He is THAT good. Just wow.

Michael Buble Rogers Place Edmonton October 5 2022
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  1. He IS just that good! He never disappoints.❤️

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