It’s a Musical Journal…

So my sister says to me the other day “you should really start a blog for all your musical fangirl stuff…” This was on the drive home from the Tea Party’s concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of Transmission, and after several conversations about the 5 U2 shows I’m going to and the several other concerts coming to town this summer, so I think she secretly wants me to create this blog so I stop obsessing about U2, The Tea Party and my other rock gods and goddesses in public, on Facebook, and to her… But I thought to myself “hmmm, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great for posting pictures and quick, short gushings of admiration, but a blog… Oh, on a blog I could really tell my stories!  It would be like my own musical journal…”  (ha ha, play on words for those who know U2 quotes well, or paid attention to my sub-title – “It’s a musical journey” – a famous quote by Larry when asked what the movie Rattle and Hum is about…)

So here we go…

This musical journey/journal is about my love affair with music and musicians:  Artists I love; maybe tours I have seen, will see, want to see; things about music that catch my interest… Who knows what else.  You should probably know that I have absolutely no musical talents of my own, so this won’t be a technical blog about chords, riffs, loops, keys… (ok, see, those are really the only musical terms I know) the best drums, guitars etc.

But it might be about the best drummers, singers, stage shows, etc and certainly about how much I adore these people and their music. You know, fangirl stuff 😀

oh, also, I like to draw my musicians, so expect some artwork…

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